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Top Medical Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand has eight entries in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, all situated in the overall top 500, considering a way of thinking which assesses each.

school’s reputation among supervisors and scholastics, similarly as its assessment influence (references per worker) and various segments.

8. Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology

Situated joint 464th on the planet in 2019, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) was developed in 1895 as the Auckland Technical School, and today gloats the most significant score any of the best universities in New Zealand for the degree of worldwide understudies pointer, situated 23rd on the planet.

7. Massey University

Massey University

Massey University, arranged in the city of Palmerton North on the North Island, has fallen fairly in the current year’s situating to joint 332nd, anyway is in any case dependably found in the overall top 350. It’s the principle school in New Zealand to offer courses in aeronautics, question objectives, veterinary prescription, and nanoscience.

6. Lincoln University

Lincoln University

Up two spots to rank joint 317th on the planet this year near to the Czech Republic’s Charles University, Lincoln University gets strong scores for its paces of both overall understudies and workers, and is also assessed in the overall top 50 for agriculture as of the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject.

5. School of Waikato

School of Waikato

One a greater amount of the best schools in New Zealand to improve its position this year is the University of Waikato, up 18 spots to rank 274th on the planet in 2019. The school is basically arranged in the city of Hamilton on the North Island, and besides works a grounds in Tauranga.

4. School of Canterbury

School of Canterbury

Arranged in Christchurch, the greatest city on New Zealand’s South Island, the University of Canterbury is situated joint 231st this year and is one of the country’s most prepared schools, having been set up in 1873 as Canterbury College. It as of now has an understudy masses of around 14,000, involved 80 nationalities.

3. Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was set up in 1897 and is situated joint 221st on the planet close by France’s Sciences Po this year. It also remembers for the overall top 100 for 12 subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, including the principle 50 for law, library and information the board, and neighborliness.

2. School of Otago

School of Otago

Down barely this year to rank joint 175th on the planet near to two distinct schools, the University of Otago is the most settled association in New Zealand, having been set up pretty much 150 years earlier in 1869. It’s generally arranged in Dunedin, and has around 20,838 understudies, including 2,837 overall understudies.

1. School of Auckland

School of Auckland

The fundamental among the best schools in New Zealand continues being the University of Auckland, paying little heed to it falling three places this year to now rank 85th on the planet. It achieves its best situation in the insightful reputation marker.

The country’s greatest school (with 41,866 understudies), it’s in the overall top 50 for 18 subjects as of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, including fossil science, nursing, and business.

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