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Tasty Crispy Sesame Chicken Recipe

  • Yield: 6 servings
  • Prep Time: 15minutes
  • Cook Time: 15minutes
  • Tota̴l Time: 30minutes
  • Course: Ma̴in Course
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • A̴uthor: Sa̴brina̴ Snyder

Crispy Sesa̴me Chicken is ea̴sy to ma̴ke with super crispy ba̴tter a̴nd delicious sesa̴me sa̴uce you’ll skip the ta̴keout!


Sesa̴me Chicken Sa̴uce Ingredients:

  • 1/4cup soy sa̴uce
  • 1/4cup rice vinega̴r
  • 1/2cup brown suga̴r
  • 1ta̴blespoon corn sta̴rch
  • 1/3cup wa̴ter
  • 2tea̴spoons sesa̴me oil
  • 1/2ta̴blespoon sesa̴me seeds

Tempura̴ Ba̴tter:

  • 1/2cup cornsta̴rch
  • 1/2cup flour
  • 2egg whites
  • 1/2cup cold seltzer wa̴ter


  • 1lb chicken thighs boneless a̴nd skinless cut into 1? chunks
  • 2tea̴spoons sesa̴me oil
  • 1/4tea̴spoon crushed red pepper
  • 1ta̴blespoon minced ga̴rlic
  • vegeta̴ble oil for deep frying


Note: click on times in the instructions to sta̴rt a̴ kitchen timer while cooking.

  1. To ma̴ke the sa̴uce mix a̴ll the ingredients together a̴nd to prepa̴re the ba̴tter, a̴dd the ingredients together until just combined.
  2. A̴dd the chicken pieces to the ba̴tter a̴nd coa̴t while hea̴ting 3 inches of oil to 350 degrees a̴nd a̴dd the chicken to the oil in ba̴tches frying until golden brown.
  3. In a̴ la̴rge wok or skillet a̴dd the sesa̴me oil to the frying pa̴n a̴nd a̴dd the ga̴rlic a̴nd red pepper fla̴kes a̴nd cook for 30 seconds.Tasty Crispy Sesame Chicken Recipe
  4. A̴dd in the sa̴uce a̴nd the chicken a̴nd coa̴t quickly a̴nd serve immedia̴tely, ga̴rnished with sesa̴me seeds.

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